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Why traditional solar skylights are no longer what you are looking for

In your search for the best lighting for your home or business, think of these issues you may have when choosing more traditional skylight products.

Do you want to be cleaning and replacing parts all the time? Calling the repair person out for expensive restorations after every storm?

While you may still get some level of light in your desired space, there is no doubt that there is a long list of issues that you may encounter:


Why our skylight alternative is better than traditional skylights?

Our system is extremely flexible, being able to install a single or multiple LED’s using a single solar panel to power our wide range of internal fixtures.

As there is no direct lightwell to the roof, there is no way for damaging heat from the sun or UV rays to get through, and as there is no shaft breaking the insulation layers in the roof reducing heat transfer, you will save on utility costs!

Before and After a Solar Skylight Alternative


Our best features

Still on the fence? The Nevah Skylight Alternative is the best of modern Australian technology, combined with only the best quality components, with high quality installers, to ensure that you get the brightest experience we can create.

Our staff will take the time to personally work with you to plan out the optimal lighting for your space, whilst ensuring that we cater to any specific style or décor plans that you might have.

Contact us today to chat about updating your lighting and move into a brighter future.

Harness the power of the Sun

Nevah Skylight Alternative eco-friendly, solar powered, cost-saving, renewable energy LED’s will illuminate every inch of your happy home with high quality light, and reduce your carbon footprint for the future.

Flexible Install

Nevah Skylight Alternative LED panels are the same thickness as most ceiling materials and can easily work around complex roof lines and other roof fixtures to be installed to beautifully brighten any room of your multi-level house or business.

Make it Your Own

Nevah Skylight Alternative come in square, rectangular, or circular fixtures, as well as a variety of accessories for customising your installation. Everything to match your Australian modern style, spreading light to every office, hallway and open-plan space.

No bugs, no dust = No cleaning

As the Nevah Skylight Alternative LED panels are a sealed unit, there is no way for dust or bugs to get in there like a traditional skylight can which means no cleaning, no hassle!


Let Nevah Skylight Alternative set the perfect mood for those dinner parties in your dining room, or tone it down a little while watching a movie in your media space!

Never a Dark Day

Nevah Skylight Alternative LED panels can replace all of your existing lighting fittings, seeking out even the darkest corners. It can also has optional addon to be powered by your mains power for night time use.

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It’s all personal taste, but round LED lights are commonly used in small areas or in group layouts to light up a room like a kitchen from multiple angles.

Round available in 4 sizes

Square & Rectangular

Again, personal taste, but square or rectangular LED lights are best used to light up large areas like kitchens, living rooms and dining areas.

3 square & 2 rectangular sizes available


Multiple LED lights can be fitted throughout the home or business, including multilevel homes’ lower levels, and all be powered by a single Solar Panel from our range of 7 sizes.

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